School-Based Prevention

The School Based Prevention Program seeks to reduce the use of alcohol and other drugs by providing prevention programs and early intervention to students enrolled in the three secondary schools and the alternative school in School District #75.

It is within the school environment that the greatest potential exists to capitalize on the energy of adolescents and direct that toward positive lifestyle development. The school is therefore the desirable location for comprehensive, continuous, and age appropriate alcohol and drug prevention services targeting youth within our community. The overall objective of the prevention programs is to reduce the use of alcohol and other drugs by students by providing prevention programs and early intervention within the school itself. Our school based prevention program is based on key contributing factors from teachers, parents, students and the community at large. This not only allows for in-put, but also provides a means of influencing and educating parents and teachers. As the contributing factors are identified, specific, measurable, realistic objectives are developed for dealing with them. This is an on-going process due to the fluidity within the target group.

The Elementary School/Community Prevention Program addresses the promotion and prevention priority. Designed to raise awareness and educate children about potential health, social and personal effects, the program also promotes supportive environments and healthy behaviors. Addressing issues around decision making, self esteem and bullying, the program aims to build resiliency in children. Fraser House Society has developed a seven session prevention program based on best practices to help increase elementary students’ awareness of self promoting empowerment. Mission School District #75 has recognized this need and has invited Fraser House staff to provide the harm reduction project to elementary students in grades four and six. The program further offers drug and alcohol presentations and information to community groups, other agencies and members of the general public upon request.